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Our Story

Located in the heart of Puerto Vallarta, on the Rio Cuale Island; surrounded by both arms of the beautiful river Cuale, which flows down from a mining town of the same name; over-looking the Pacific ocean, Restaurant Oscar’s is literally in one of the most majestic places to be found in the city!

In 1997 the location had an existing eatery by the name Boys Paradise Restaurant, owned by Javier Juarez.  The concept of what is now Restaurant Oscar’s, was subsequently born via the vision of Oscar and his lovely wife, Lucy. They wanted to create a restaurant venue that would not only provide an up-scale dining experience, but also meet the needs of special events, weddings, and groups in downtown Puerto Vallarta, catering to local residents, national and international visitors alike; providing the best of what our beautiful city has to offer.


In late 2013, we began the construction of our in-house tequila distillery. We have the only distillery in-town walking distance from the malecon. Our Tequila is made of the best Agave Azul to ensure its quality and at the time being we are very proud of our project being something so unique to do in Puerto Vallarta Old Town.

Featuring lunch and dinner menus; boasting amazing cuisine focusing on international dishes that include Mexican nuances.  Our dishes are prepared with local and national Mexican ingredients of the freshest and highest quality.  Additionally, one can enjoy the best coffees, wines and great mixology, suiting every taste.

Today, Oscar’s can firmly claim the success of over 20 years of providing quality food, customer service and ambiance; and we have positioned ourselves as one of the leading favorite restaurants, as well as event venues in Puerto Vallarta.  Internationally known, and recognized for an amazing spot to simply enjoy dinner or host special events within our open-air dining room, or among our lush gardens.

“It simply is the best place!”

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