Enjoy your day in the heart of Puerto Vallarta!
Come take a tour of our in-house Tequila Distillery along-side the Cuale River.

A quick lesson on Tequila

At Oscar’s In-House Distillery you will be given more insight into the process of making tequila, and even how is best to drink it!

You would be able to taste:




Extra Aged

And more than 8 different flavored Tequilas!

All our products are made 100% of Agave Azul

From 9:00am – 6:00pm, 7 days a week.

Tours and Tastings are on the house!

 All of our Tequilas are available for retail purchase and can be packaged on-sight, at time of purchase, for a safe journey home!

Please feel free to book in advance for large groups and inquire regarding private events!

Large and Private Party Tequila Tour & Tastings

Please feel free to call us directly @

+52 322 223 0789